Funny 10 College friends quotes and captions to share with your friends

To pass a course, you only need; books, notes and working friends.

Visualizing your future is more fun when you have best friends dreaming of you.

Seeing your college friends do well and be happy is priceless.

Whenever you feel empty and alone, always remember your friends who could brighten your day.

Seeing your college friends succeed in life, be happy and successful is priceless.

During exams, those who stay late at night with you to study are your true academic friends.

After a bad day at school, your friends are the best people to surround yourself with.

When you fail and you are ashamed of it, your friends will support you at all times.

Your life becomes an open book every time you decide to tell your college friends about it.

One thing commonly shared in a circle of best friends is food. Your food belongs to everyone.

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