Most inspiring 12 Fly high quotes and captions that will inspire you to take off

I want to fly like an eagle, free and high above the world.

Flying over the clouds is like snowboarding over a mountain range.

I want to fly like an eagle and spread my wings in the sky!

I am flying, I am free. I don’t have to land, I can do whatever I want.

The sky is your limit when you’re free to fly.

I want to fly like an eagle, but I don’t know how.

When you are up in the air, you feel like a bird with all the world at your feet.

We’re all just waiting for the moment when we can fly.

I want to fly like a bird. I want to touch the sky.

Flying is one of my favorite things about being alive.

I don't have wings but I have dreams.

No one can stop you from flying, until you bound yourself. 

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