Biden administration is successfully driving Ukraine towards an early demise

Russia, Ukraine, Biden

The warmonger in US President Joe Biden is pushing the world towards a catastrophe, and Ukraine is at the forefront of his dangerous games. Biden wanted to vilify Russia in order to revive the anachronistic trans-Atlantic alliance and benefit the war lobby in Washington DC. But as the US President does not want to confront Putin’s Russia directly, he decided to funnel false confidence into Ukraine and push it towards a certain disaster.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict seemed buried for good before Biden came to power. But the change of regime in the Oval Office has sent tensions between Moscow and Kyiv soaring. This has now culminated in aggressive diplomatic actions between both sides. Both nations have reportedly expelled each others’ diplomats amongst global concerns regarding a revival of Russia’s Crimea invasion in the year 2014.

On Saturday, Russia said that it would expel a Ukrainian diplomat, which prompted Ukraine to vow immediate retaliation. Russia has alleged that the Ukrainian Diplomat was caught “red-handed” trying to steal sensitive information. Russia’s FSB security service revealed that the concerned diplomat identified as Oleksandr Sosoniuk was briefly detained by Russia in St Petersburg, before being ordered to leave by April 22.

As per Russia, Sosoniuk tried to access information from the Russian law enforcement databases during a meeting with a Russian citizen.

Meanwhile, a tit-for-tat reaction came from Ukraine, which described Sosoniuk’s detention as “illegal”. Its Foreign Ministry issued a statement reading, “We fully deny the accusations levelled against the consular officer.”

To settle scores, Ukraine too expelled a senior Russian diplomat in Kyiv.

If Russian allegations of espionage by the Ukrainian diplomat are true, then Kyiv is certainly playing with fire. But it is really the Biden administration, which is compelling Ukraine to cross swords with Russia.

However, it is actually the Biden administration that keeps making statements, which give a false sense of hope to Ukraine. The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, for instance, said, “President Biden’s been very clear about this. If Russia acts recklessly, or aggressively, there will be costs, there will be consequences.”

Kyiv clearly does not understand that it is becoming a sacrificial lamb in Joe Biden’s larger geopolitical ambitions and designs. Biden is succeeding in his plans of playing up the Russia-Ukraine conflict in order to manufacture a second Cold War out of thin air, but ultimately it is Ukraine that will have to suffer.

In fact, Ukraine has got so badly carried away that it has started making threats of going nuclear, in case it fails to secure NATO membership. Ukraine’s Ambassador to Germany Andriy Melnyk said,  “Either we are part of an alliance like NATO and contribute in this way to making Europe stronger … or we are left with the other option, which is to arm ourselves.”

For Joe Biden, Ukraine’s overenthusiasm fits in perfectly. Actually, this is how any Russian President would want to initiate a Cold War. Biden’s strategy is to create a theatre of conflict near Russian borders and provoke military skirmishes without suffering much collateral damage.

Meanwhile, Russia’s patience is also wearing thin. This also gets reflected in a warning by Dmitry Kozak, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Deputy Chief of Staff. He said, “I support the assessments that also exist inside Ukraine that the beginning of hostilities is the beginning of the end of Ukraine.”

In fact, Ukraine has already paid a heavy price for misdirected aggression against Russia. This year, the country has already lost 30 troops, which is a sharp spike compared to the 50 soldiers that it lost during the entire 2020. And if tensions continue mounting on Ukraine’s eastern border with Russia, then the death toll could rise quickly. Kyiv should also be wary of the heavy Russian troops’ build-up on Ukraine’s eastern flank.

All in all, Biden is provoking tensions between Russia and Ukraine. But it is Ukraine, which is sustaining all the damage that Moscow is inflicting at the moment. Biden administration is therefore successfully driving Ukraine towards an early demise in order to ignite the second Cold War with Russia.