Atul Kumar Mishra

Atul Kumar Mishra

Lovable Narcissist | Whiskey Lover | Dharma Warrior | Founder, The Frustrated Indian | CEO,


Isn’t it funny how the media keeps us endlessly updated on wokeness, green energy, and Biden’s stellar health? It's like we're living in a 24/7 infomercial. They...

EU Elections Effect

Before the election, many analysts forecasted a surge for right-wing and patriotic parties. Now, it is essential to carefully evaluate the outcomes. Predictions indicated that Austria's Freedom...

Macron Fool

Recent French national polls present a fascinating duel between the anti-establishment right and left, with President Emmanuel Macron’s Renaissance party facing a total collapse. It seems Macron...


The United States has provided Ukraine with advanced Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bombs (GLSDB), aiming to enhance Ukraine's long-range strike capabilities. These bombs, developed by Boeing and Saab,...

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